Team Profiles

Dr. Val Dubin – Founder, President & CEO

Val Dubin holds a Ph.D. degree in microelectronics and an M.S. degree in electrical engineering as well as a Doctor of Science degree (D.Sc.) in nanotechnology and nanomaterials from the University of Informatics and Electronics (Belarus).

He completed his post-doctoral study at Aarhus University (Denmark).

Dr. Dubin was a researcher at Ecole Polytechnique (France) and visiting scientist at Cornell University (USA).

Dr. Dubin has over 20 years of industrial experience. Among his most notable accomplishments was leading the successful revolutionary transition from aluminum to copper metallization at the two largest semiconductor logic manufacturers – Intel and AMD.

He managed the electroplating group in Fab 20 at Intel (appox. 50 Engs and Techs) and the R&D metallization group (10 PhD Engineers) at Components Research with responsibility spanning early development to pilot production and mass production.

Dr. Dubin founded, organized, staffed, managed and raised over $8M for two startups including EMAT Technology LLC and NANO3D SYSTEMS LLC.

He established strategic partnerships with leading process tool suppliers and materials companies, engaged customers including the world’s largest semiconductor, airspace and chemical materials companies, leading to growing sales of NANO3D process materials and services to customers.

Dr. Dubin served on the Board of Directors of R&D consortiums including CCMC (Univ. of New Mexico, Sandia National Lab, Penn State Univ., Rutgers Univ.), NSEC (nano-center Columbia University), as well as managing work on metallization at IMEC (Belgium) for Intel.

Dr. Dubin has nearly 300 publications including 52 journal papers, 101 conference papers, 5 chapters in the books and 142 patents. He has numerous awards for his professional achievements including an Intel Achievement Award.

Dr. Sergey Lopatin – VP of Technology

Sergey Lopatin served as a project director, principal investigator for US DOE award, program for developing high capacity Lithium ion cell alloy anodes (2011-2017).

He managed electrochemical electrode energy storage group at Applied Materials Inc., created strategy, budgeted group with external funding, developed technology for EV/PHEV battery design with 65% faster charge.

He established contracts with Nissan, FMC Li, Navitas (A123), ORNL, LBNL, Stanford University SLAC, productized assembly on customer sites.

Alloy anode technology resulted in increased stakeholder values, cost/performance advantage for ~$8B xEV, clean energy markets.

Sergey Lopatin has over 20 years of combined industrial management experience at Applied Materials, Advanced Micro Devices, KLA-Tencor, Integral Semiconductor.

He led technology R&D, new business developments in semiconductor equipment, bipolar and CMOS IC electronics, solar Si devices, e-beam metrology, laser ablation patterning.

He joined Cornell University as a visiting scientist post-doc scholar to contribute in developments of Cu interconnect technology for logic/memory devices and metallization for Si MEMS.

He is Ph.D. in solid state electronics, microelectronics, M.S. in electrical engineering, semiconductors and dielectrics, from BSUIR.

Dr. Lopatin has 134 US issued patents, 142 other publications including Journals and International Conference papers, 2 book chapters.

Dr. Omid Sadeghi – Process Engineering Director

Omid Sadeghi received his PhD at Oregon State University where he focused on understanding nanoparticle formation and use that knowledge to control the size and/or shape of nanoparticles.

Omid has over 60 refereed publications including 1 publication in Science Magazine and 3 patents.

Jeanine Acca – Sales & Marketing Director

Jeanine has more than a decade of verifiable success managing, and developing sales initiatives. A star performer of diversified industries, ranging from technology/consulting to home improvement and medical sales. Crossing over various sales channels from Indirect/Partner Management, Consultative Sales, Direct Sales and B to B arenas.  

Jeanine professional highlights include multi-million dollar annual sales at various companies such as Sprint President Club Winner with over 400,000 new cellphones activations in fiscal year and Clearchoice Best Performance with over $700,000 sales per month.

Jeanine is a consummate professional that leverages exceptional presentation, negotiation, closing, and follow-through skills. A true relationship artist of profitable client loyalty.  Always provides partners or team members with the accountability, support and guidance necessary to exceed objectives.

Prof. Yosi Shacham-Diamand – Scientific Advisor

Prof. Shacham is The Bernard L. Schwartz Chair for Nano-scale Information technologies, D.Sc. 1983, M.Sc. 1978, and B.Sc. (Summa-cum Laude) 1974, all in Technion, Israel. 1983-1986.

He is a Visiting professor, CNR-IMM, Rome, Italy, Visiting Professor, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan and a distinguished international chair professor, Feng Chia University, Taichung, Taiwan.

Prof. Shacham served in few academic positions including Academic Director, Micro Technologies Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering, Tel-Aviv university (2000–2001), the director of Tel-Aviv University research institute for Nano-Science and nano-technologies (2001–2004), Head of the department of Physical Electronics, faculty of Engineering (2007- 2011), the Vice-dean of the faculty of engineering for Industrial relations and with the friends of the faculty in Israel and abroad.

He was on the university board of governors (2008-2012) and a Member of the board of directors of “RAMOT” by Tel Aviv University (2008-2013).

He is a Member of the MAGNET committee promoting basic and generic technologies in Israel, Office of the chief scientist, Ministry of trade and Industry.

He published 227 journal papers, over 400 conference papers in registered proceedings, 4 chapters in books, 30 patents, edited two conference proceedings books, and two books.

His research is in the field of Micro and Nano electronics science and technology; specifically, electroless plating of metals and alloys, interconnect technology for ULSI and flexible electronics, and electrochemical bio sensors the food, medical and agro applications.

Dr. Chiu Ting – Business Advisor

Chiu Ting obtained his BS degree from UC Berkeley, his MS and Ph.D. degrees from Stanford University, all in Electrical Engineering.

He was a resident IBM fellow while he was completing his Ph.D. degree at Stanford.

He joined IBM, San Jose after he graduated from UC Berkeley. While at IBM he worked at the General Products Division in San Jose, CA, the Components Division in East Fishkill, NY, and T.J. Watson Research Laboratory at Yorktown Heights, NY, and also the San Jose Research Laboratory.

He worked on all aspects of semiconductor device fabrication, including bipolar and MOS devices.

At IBM he did pioneering work in optical and electron beam lithography, as well as other processing techniques.

Dr. Ting joined the Technology Development Group of Intel Corp. in Santa Clara, CA, in 1981. He helped in forming the Intel’s Component Research Group in 1986.

While at Intel he worked on a wide variety of processing technologies, including high resolution lithography and high density interconnect technologies.

He also did some pioneering work on copper metallization. He was assigned by Intel to Sematech in Austin, TX from 1993 to 1995.

While at Sematech he initiated several new projects including the Cu metallization by electro-plating and low k dielectric projects.

In 1995, he joined the Technology Development Group of AMD in Sunnyvale, CA. where he initiated and developed the copper metallization process for IC interconnect.

In 1997, he co-founded CuTek Research, Inc. in San Jose CA to develop automated copper deposition system where he served as President and CEO.

This work was successfully completed and CuTek Research was sold in 2000. In June 2002 he joined Blue29, a new start-up company in IC fabrication equipment, as President until Blue29 was fully funded and was strong enough to attract an experienced President and CEO. Blue 29 was acquired by KLA-Tencor.

Dirk Conradie – CPA

Dirk Conradie was born and raised in South Africa and graduated with a double major in accounting and Law from the University of Stellenbosch.

After practicing law for a year he moved to Portland in 2001 and started a career focused on taxes.

He studied at Portland State University and Golden Gate University prior to qualifying as a Certified Public Accountant in the US.

He spent the first 5 years of his career with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and joined Dougall Conradie LLC in 2008. Dirk is a founding member of Wealth Advisors Northwest LLC.

He holds a Certified Public Accountant license, as well as a Personal Financial Specialist credential.