About Us

Our Team.

Nano3D Systems was founded in 2008 by Dr. Val Dubin to create a metallization process suitable for the next generations in microsystems manufacturing.

Dr. Dubin is a recognized expert in the materials processing and semiconductor fields, with over 30 years experience and over 300 publications including 143 patents.

The Nano3D Systems’ management team has a combined 150 years of experience with both innovative start-up companies and global leaders.

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Dr. Val Dubin
Founder, President & CEO

Dr. Sergey Lopatin
VP of Technology

Dr. Omid Sadeghi
Process Engineering Director

Prof. Yosi Shacham-Diamand
Scientific Advisor

Dr. Chiu Ting
Business Advisor

Dirk Conradie

Jeanine Acca

Sales and Marketing Director


NANO3D SYSTEMS is located at ATAMI (Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Institute in Corvallis, Oregon). Our engineers & researchers are experts in the field with diverse and deep expertise in electrical engineering, chemistry and materials science.

We have established partnerships with leading plating equipment suppliers and R&D consortiums for process materials qualification as well as toll manufacturing of NANO3D process chemicals at established chemical company.

We have advanced thin film processing and analytical capabilities to expedite customers’ metallization process development, reduce ramp time to production, and accelerate fabs’ process development ROI.


Core technical expertise.

Selective electroless and electroplating technology. We have developed electrochemical, low cost, selective and scalable (PVD-free and CMP-free) metal plating technology (so-called eLOCOS(TM)) using photosensitive & catalytic nanolayers that enables fine pitch metal pattern formation with high adhesion strength on a wide variety of substrates (such as thin silicon, low loss glass, various flexible polymers et al) and in free standing form (foils) as we’ll as Roll to Roll and panel processing.


Engineered materials fabricated by plating.

We also can regulate (control) the properties of the electrochemical deposits including adhesion to substrates (by using adhesion layers and surface modification), CTE and tensile strength (by using alloy plating), stress and surface morphology (by using additives in the plating solution), thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity (by using multilayers and composite films), heat capacity and energy storage (by using metal coated PCM) et al.


Market Applications.

We have an application knowledge of eLOCOS(TM) technology. Opportunities span a wide range of markets, including electronics, transportation, clean energy and bio-medical devices. The directly addressable market for Nano3D Systems is the $11B (by 2018) and growing market for high-tech metal plating. eLOCOS(TM) solutions are capable of generating uniform, high-density features on traditional planar substrates but are also designed for future 2.5D and 3D chip manufacturing processes. Nano3D Systems is committed to working with research and industry partners to support the development of world-changing technology in any industry that can use low-cost and reliable controlled metallization to achieve their vision.