Plated Gold Mesh Fabric


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Product Details

Quality and Fabric Characteristics

  • Electroless Plated Metal – 24 kt Gold
  • Base Material – Polyester with Cu/Ni seed layer
  • Surface resistance of ≤0.1 Ω/sq
  • Fabric weight of 55±10 g/m²

Features and Benefits

  • 24 karat plated gold (thick)
  • Corrosion-resistant fabric
  • Highly electrically conductive
  • Anti-microbial fabric 
  • Low weight and high durability
  • Very easy to cut and sew

Superior Durability and Performance

Unlike ordinary metalized fabrics, the coating processes, used to deposit metals in our fabrics, deliver an impervious bond that can’t be broken. Proprietary metalizing technology actually bonds the metal to the fabric at the molecular level, essentially melding the fabric to the metal. The resulting bond delivers unparalleled durability even under conditions that require constant flexing, bending, stretching or abrading. No other metalized fabric is more durable and because of superior bonding technology.

General Description

Gold plated, corrosion-resistant and conductive mesh fabric. Gold fabric is not only a display of elegance and luxury; it is also highly durable. It is flexible, wearable, and washable as well.

Safety & Documentation

Safety: Non-toxic, tasteless and odorless.  You can treat it as normal trash for waste disposal.


Gold Conductive Fabric




Test Standard
Widthmmup to 1400GB/T4667-1995
Total Thicknessmm0.19±0.02FZ/T01003-1991
Surface ResistanceΩ/sq≤0.1ASTM F390
Coating MetalGold
Base Materials Polyester with Cu/Ni seed layer

Available sizes: Width 27.56″ inch (70 cm) x Length 19.68″ (50 cm) and 55.12″ inch (140 cm) x  39.37″ (100 cm) inch online. For customized lengths of over 39.37″ (100 cm), contact Nano3D Systems.

Additional Information

Though gold-plated fabric has had a special place in the wardrobe of royalties for centuries, this is the first time that gold plated fabrics become affordable to make bowties, pocket handkerchiefs, full-length ties as well as dresses, shirts et al. Another usage of gold plated fabrics is in flexible electronics.