eLOCOS(TM) Plating Solutions

Electroplating and electroless plating solutions, photoplating solutions and process development. Controlled metallization of fine features for high-tech applications at reduced costs.


Nano3D Systems' exclusive catalytic photoresist can be dipped, spun or sprayed onto a wide variety of substrates. Patterns can be generated with standard UV photolithography or maskless laser lithography. Use with Nano3D Systems Electroless Barrier Solutions to create fine metallized features on dielectric substrates.

Low cost & Scalable

eLOCOS(TM) solutions are appropriate for both low-volume proof-of-concept or R&D projects and high-volume production lines. Nano3D Systems??proprietary plating materials can reduce metallization costs by 1/3 or more.

Flexible and adaptable

Processes can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Our Mission & Vision

Nano3D Systems provides revolutionary eLOCOSTM metallization technology and proprietary process chemicals to enable novel 3D microsystems and chipset architectures on a wide variety of substrates.

Our Vision
To be a leading supplier of electrochemical metallization technology and process materials that enable life changing breakthroughs .