Selective Plating on Flexible Glass and Polymer Substrates with Laser Drilled Holes

Two of Nano3D System’s newest projects were presented at the 231st Electrochemical Society Meeting in New Orleans, LA. “Selective Plating on Flexible Glass and Polymer Substrates with Laster Drilled Holes” showcased Nano3D’s flagship catalytic photoresist at its most versatile. The same laser can be used to both drill vias into a substrate and pattern the photoresist, while the resist is suitable for both promoting electroless deposition inside the via and generating clean, well-defined fine patterns on the substrate surface.

Photopatternable, Electrochemically Plated Conductive Fabrics” used a modified 1-step Sn/Pd activator to generate photopatterned conductive features on cotton substrates. This process starts with commercially available cotton fabrics and ends with a flexible circuit with minimnal processing or damage to the substrate. Papers detailing both the plated fabric and selective plating/laser drilling can be found in the 231st ECS Meeting Transactions.