Conductive Non-Woven Fabric


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Product Details

Quality and Fabric Characteristics

  • Coating Metal – nickel and copper
  • Electrical resistance of ≤0.03 Ω/sq
  • Average attenuation of ≥70dB in 100MHz – 3GHz

Features and Benefits

  • Highly electrically conductive
  • Low weight and high durability
  • RF/EMI/EMF/LF Blocking
  • Super Earthing/Grounding Fabric
  • Anti-electrostatic/ESD
  • Radiation/Radiowave/Microwave shielding 
  • Very easy to cut and sew

Superior Durability and Performance

Unlike ordinary metalized fabrics, the coating processes, used to deposit metals in our fabrics, deliver an impervious bond that can’t be broken. Proprietary metalizing technology actually bonds the metal to the fabric at the molecular level, essentially melding the fabric to the metal. The resulting bond delivers unparalleled durability even under conditions that require constant flexing, bending, stretching or abrading. No other metalized fabric is more durable and because of superior bonding technology, our conductive fabrics deliver proven, consistent and reliable electrical conductivity and electromagnetic reflectivity performance even in the most challenging environments.

General Description

Conductive non-woven fabric is made by non-woven polyester as a substrate and coated with nickel and copper metal layer. Block RFID/RF. Reduce EMF/EMI Protection. Conductive fabric protects from Radiation/HF Signal/WiFi. Preserves the working integrity of electronic devices in the event of EMP or CME. 

Safety & Documentation

Safety: Non-toxic, tasteless and odorless.  You can treat it as normal trash for waste disposal.


Conductive Non-Woven Fabric





Test Standard



Thicknessmm0.04±0.01 (Th1)


0.19±0.03 (Th2)


0.30±0.05 (Th3)


Weightg/m240±5 (Th1)


85±10 (Th2)


165 ±20 (Th3)


Surface Resistance


Ω/sq≤0.03ASTM F390
Shielding EffectivenessdB70, 100MHz – 3GHz
Coating Metal/Content% 

Copper + Nickel


Copper Content


%27±3 (Th1)


21±3 (Th2. Th3)


Nickel Content 




23±3 (Th1)


19±3 (Th2, Th3)


Base Materials, Polyester Content 



50±5 (Th1)


60±5 (Th2, Th3)


Available sizes:  39.37″ inch (100 cm) width x 39.37″ inch (100 cm) length and 0.04 mm, 0.19 mm, 0.3 mm thicknesses. For customized lengths of conductive non-woven fabric contact Nano3D Systems.

Additional Information

Usage for EMI/RFI shielding gaskets, shielded enclosures, covers etc. Can be also used to shield rooms & booths et al. Effective shielding from cell towers, wireless routers, microwave signals, smart meters, security systems, radars, etc. Blocks portable encryption scanners. It can be used to make a pouch for your cell phone, smart key, or anything that accepts or transmits these types of signals, grounding mats, shielding components, your pockets, purse. EMI/EMF blocking and EMP protection of electronics. High-shielding conductive fabric for blocking RF signals such as cell phones, bluetooth, WiFi, GPS et al.  

The product mainly applies to electronics, communications and medical  industries.