Stainless Steel Conductive Fabrics


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Product Details

Quality and Fabric Characteristics

  • Fabric content of 40% polyester, 30% cotton and 30% conductive thread
  • Average attenuation of ≥35dB in 10MHz – 3GHz
  • Fabric weight of 220±10 g/m²

Features and Benefits

  • Highly Electrically Conductive
  • 12 different colors  
  • RF/EMI/EMF/LF Blocking
  • Super Earthing/Grounding Fabric
  • Anti-electrostatic/ESD
  • Radiation/Radiowave/Microwave shielding 
  • Very easy to cut and sew

General Description

Stainless steel fabric blocking RFID/RF. Reduce EMF/EMI Protection. Conductive fabric protects from Radiation/HF Signal/WiFi. Preserves the working integrity of electronic devices in the event of EMP or CME. 12 different colors (gray, light gray, grape purple, purple, light purple, dark blue, light cyan, blue, light blue, red, pink, light gray).

Safety & Documentation

Safety: Non-toxic, tasteless and odorless.  You can treat it as normal trash for waste disposal.


Stainless Steel Conductive Fabric





Test Standard
Shielding EffectivenessdB35, 10MHz-3GHz
Conductive thread%30


Available colors: gray, light gray, grape purple, purple, light purple, dark blue, light cyan, blue, light blue, red, pink, light gray. Please, specify the color during checkout in Order Notes. 

Available sizes: width 59.06″ inch (150 cm) x length  39.37″ inch (100 cm), 59.06″ (150 cm) x 78.74″ (200 cm), and 59.06″ (150 cm) x 157.48″ (400 cm). For customized lengths of stainless steel conductive fabric, contact Nano3D Systems.

Additional Information

Usage for bags, curtains, tents, covers, anti-static clothes, e-textile etc. Can be used as an insert in the wallet or handbag to protect your credit cards from data theft. Can be also used to shield rooms & booths, as car security keyfob bag et al. Effective shielding from cell towers, wireless routers, microwave signals, smart meters, security systems, radars, etc. EMI/EMF blocking and EMP protection of electronics. High-shielding conductive fabric for blocking RF signals such as cell phones, bluetooth, WiFi, GPS et al.