Electroless Gold Plating Solution


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Product Details



1 quart or 4 quart kits (Part A and Part B) in containers meeting UN requirements, unless otherwise specified

Quality and Deposits Characteristics

  • Good chemical resistance
  • Low electrical resistivity
  • Good gap filling for trenches and vias
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Corrosion protection to copper and nickel
  • Very solderable deposits

Features and Benefit

  • Plates pure gold rapidly
  • Plating exhibits fine-grain gold structure
  • Affords unusual resistance to humidity and salt-spray
  • Excellent solderability
  • Process simple to operate and maintain
  • Surfaces are uniform and smooth with well-controlled thickness and excellent uniformity

General Description

Electroless Gold is a two part system suitable for producing bright gold films on metal surfaces via an electroless plating process. Electroless Gold process takes advantage of catalytic metals to plate gold films with good adhesion on substrates containing catalytic metals (Cu, Ni, Co, Fe, Ag, Pd, Ru et al). Electroless Gold deposits gold on high – and low – phosphorus nickel as well as copper. Electroless gold plating solution can be also used to fill vias and trenches for onchip interconnects and 2.5D/3D advanced chip packaging applications.

Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

Download Safety Data Sheet of Part A and Part B. Contact NANO3D SYSTEMS LLC for Certificate of Analysis

SPECIFICATION (Rev. 1 030520)


Electroless Gold Plating Solution


Au Metal content (Part A)                –                       0.2 tr oz/gal

                        pH (Part A+B)                               –                               12

To prepare 4 quart of immersion gold plating solution use 3,600 ml Part A with 180 ml Part B. Stir. All material will dissolve when plating solution is operated at 70-75 oC.

SHELF LIFE:    This solution has 12 months shelf life.

PACKAGING: For electroless gold quart kit, packaging includes 1 quart natural poly bottle of Part A and 4 oz natural poly bottle of Part B. For electroless gold gallon kit, packaging includes 4 L natural poly bottle of Part A and 8 oz natural poly bottle of Part B. Larger packages are also available upon request.

Additional Info


Mix Ratio20 : 1 for Part A : Part B
Gold Content0.2 tr oz / gal
Plating Rate ~ 1.5 µ/min at 75 C
Operating Temperature70-75oC
AgitationContinuous, Required


APPLICATION: Nickel and copper should be cleaned in dilute hydrochloric acid (approximately 10%) prior to plating. The pH should be adjusted and maintained in the range 12.0-12.4 for best results. Part B should be added to the plating tank followed by Part A with stirring. Allow parts to mix for 5-10 minutes before use.

The image of electroless gold foil (~2 micron thick) plated in optimal conditions is shown below