Immersion Zinc Plating Solution


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Product Details


1 gallon poly bottle or 5 gallon Jerrican, meeting UN requirements, unless otherwise specified.

Quality and Deposit Characteristics

• Uniform zincation layer

• Excellent adhesion

• Selective plating on Al pads

Features and Benefits

• Plates pure zinc rapidly

• Plating exhibits fine-grain structure

• Surfaces are uniform and smooth with well-controlled thickness

General Description

Aluminum surfaces are not receptive to most plating processes due to their tendency to form oxides rapidly. Oxide formation inhibits uniform plating, resulting in inhomogeneous deposits, poor adhesion, or no deposition at all. By first applying Zincate Electroless Immersion Zinc Plating Solution to a properly prepared aluminum surface, it is possible subsequently deposit high quality electroless nickel films.

Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

Download Safety Data Sheet. Contact NANO3D SYSTEMS LLC for Certificate of Analysis

SPECIFICATION (Rev. 1 020419)


Immersion Zinc Plating Solution


                                Zinc Oxide content        –                  2 wt.%

                                    pH                                 –                 ≥ 10

SHELF LIFE:    This solution has 12 months shelf life.

PACKAGING:   1 gal natural poly bottle or 5 gal HDPE jerrican container.

Additional Info


Plating onto aluminum involves a multiple step process.
1.Non-etch clean the aluminum surface for up to 5 minutes with a detergent-based cleaner. Rinse thoroughly with cascading water.
2. De-smut the surface for 10-30 seconds using an acid mixture. Rinse again thoroughly.
3. Mild etch for 5-10 seconds in a 25% solution of Aluminum Etch. Rinse again thoroughly.
4. De-smut a second time and rinse as in step 2.
5. Apply the first Zincate layer. Immerse the part in the Zincate solution for 1-2 minutes at room temperature until a gray color develops. Rinse.
6. Remove the first Zincate layer using 50% nitric acid for 30-60 seconds or until the deposit turns white. Rinse.
7. Apply a second Zincate layer for 30-60 seconds. Rinse thoroughly before applying electroless nickel to the surface