Electroless Copper Kit for Spray Deposition


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Product Details



Part A in 1 quart and 1 gallon poly containers, Part B in 250 poly bottles and Part C in 20 ml glass bottles, meeting UN requirements, unless otherwise specified

Quality and Deposits Characteristics

  • Room Temperature plating 
  • Smooth copper surface
  • Selective Plating
  • Spray Deposition

Features and Benefits

  • Low cost metallization process
  • Low temperature metallization process
  • Permits additive manufacturing (3D printing) of metal patterns
  • Process applicable to metallization of dielectrics substrates.

General Description

Low Temperature electroless copper metallizing process for alumina ceramics, plastic substrates and other dielectric materials. Process permits additive manufacturing & 3D printing of metal patterns on various substrates.

Safety and Documentation

Safety Information

Download Safety Data Sheet of Part A, Part B, Part C. Contact NANO3D SYSTEMS LLC for Certificate of Analysis.

SPECIFICATION (Rev. 1 020419)


Electroless Copper Kit for Spray Deposition


Part A (Electroless Cu Stock) : Part B (Reducing Agent) : Part C (Catalyst) = 20 : 1 : 0.5

SHELF LIFE:    These solutions have 12 months shelf life.

PACKAGINGThe standard electroless Cu kit ships in poly quarts and gallons for Part A, 250 ml poly bottles for Part B and 20 ml glass bottles for Part C.  Larger packages are also available upon request.

Additional Info


The low temperature electroless copper process is applicable for spray deposition of copper on dielectrics and metals substrates for applications in additive manufacturing.