Tin Electroplating Solution


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Product Details



1 quart or 1 gallon poly bottle meeting UN requirements, unless otherwise specified

Quality and Deposits Characteristics

  • Good chemical resistance
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Very solderable deposits

Features and Benefits

  • Plates pure tin rapidly
  • Plating exhibits fine-grain tin structure
  • Affords unusual resistance to humidity and salt-spray
  • Excellent solderability
  • Surfaces are uniform and smooth with well-controlled thickness and excellent uniformity

General Description

Tin plating solution consists of metal fluoborates, addition agents, stabilization additives and proprietary wetting agents in ready-to-use form. The solution affords a high degree of uniformity, fine grain structure and excellent solderability with a minimum of operational control.

Safety and Documentation

Safety Information

Download Safety Data SheetContact NANO3D SYSTEMS LLC for Certificate of Analysis.

Specification (Rev. 1 020419)


Tin Electroplating Solution


Tin Metal content          –                  68 ± 3 g/kg

pH                           –                     < 0.5

SHELF LIFE:    This solution has 12 months shelf life.  

PACKAGING: 1 guart or 1 gallon poly bottles, meeting UN requirements, unless otherwise specified. Larger packages are also available upon request.

Additional Info


Bath pH< 0.5
Temperature (oF)70-100
Current Density (Amp./Sq.Ft.)25-30
Voltage (volts)2-4
Anodes (Polyprop. Bagged)Tin
Anode Efficiency (%)100
Anode to Cathode Ratio2:1
Agitation (Cathode-Rod)Mild
Filtration: (Continuous or periodic)Rubber-lined steel filter presses or Other acid-resistant equipment. Filter Materials can be Terylene, nylon cloth filter paper or paper pulp.
Tin Concentration68 g/L


  1. All materials which contact plating solution must be lined with PVC, Koroseal, rubber, Lucite, or polypropylene.
  2. Air agitation must not be used, as it will oxidize tin. Adequate agitation may be provided by a moving work rod.
  3. A thickness of .001” will be deposited in 17-20 minutes @ current density of 25-30 ASF.